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Ale JAZZ! warsztaty taneczne // Lato 2022
16 sie wt, 10:00
Ale JAZZ! warsztaty taneczne // Lato 2022
Letnie warsztaty artystyczne // Lato 2022
22 sie pon, 9:00
Letnie warsztaty artystyczne // Lato 2022
Zapisy na sezon 2022/2023
29 sie pon,
Zapisy na sezon 2022/2023
Dzieci Dzieciom listy klecą // warsztaty część 2
01 wrz czw, 18:00
Dzieci Dzieciom listy klecą // warsztaty część 2
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Bok! Moje ime je Zrinka i dolazim iz Hrvatske. U siječnju cu proslaviti 30. Rođendan.

Cześć! Moje imie jest Zrinka i Jestem z Chorwacji. W styczniu obchodzę 30 urodziny.

I am a second generation EKS volunteer in Klub Kultury Łokietek for the season 2021/2022. EKS is European Solidarity Corps program funded by European Union. I am extremely thankful for having opportunity to live in Krakow this year which is very different from my hometown Split where I was born and raised.

Krakow is romantic and medieval while Spit is sunny and ancient. One of my tasks will be to introduce you to Croatian culture and language. Better pay attention on social media @klub_kultury_lokietek – you can learn something new.

Few words about me – I was always gravitating towards creativity and growing up I danced majorette, did drama and puppet theatre, wrote poetry, did painting and sculptures.

Therefore I hold a master degree in Art pedagogy. Via Creativity I developed as a person and I think that sharing my skills with kids, youngsters and adults is a beautiful way to spread the knowledge. Having opportunity to conduct artistic classes in a new country will be a challenge for me.

In my free time I like traveling, planting, learning Polish language, cooking and since I moved to Poland – figure skating.

Some of you had opportunity to meet me in Klub Kultury Lokietek and I am willing to meet more members during winter and summer camp and our other activities. We will always post on time about new activities and workshops on our social media (facebook and Instagram) so you can join us!